TOSHIBA Euroshop 2023

At the Euroshop in Düsseldorf, our client TOSHIBA presented its diverse range of retail innovations. Using our expertise we had the opportunity to support at the exhibition in making future technologies, such as the "Frictionless Shopping Experience", tangible for potentially interested parties.

Informatica World Tour

For the Informatica World Tour we fired from all corners of our portfolio. We built a show stage for the lectures and panels of 44 speakers. The location was completely branded for the more than 220 participants. An accompanying exhibition with 12 booths was created for the partners of the event. A digital scavenger hunt provided fun and games, while our digital participant tracking provided exciting event insights.

RUKO Partner Event

RUKO presented innovations live and interactively in our studio. The online event also featured a lot of video content that we produced in advance of the event. With content produced especially for the event, a dramatic staging can also be realized at an online event. In addition to manufacturing and new product videos, we also produced an exciting intro and outro for the online partner event.

Kyndryl Reward Machine

In order to be remembered after the event, the handing out of give-aways is a popular means. To make the handover a special experience, we created the Kyndryl Reward Machine for Kyndryl Germany - a vending machine that holds t-shirts and socks, in various sizes, ready for prospective customers after they entered a code. In addition, we have not only built the Reward Machine physically but also digitally, so that it can be accessed regardless of time and place. Giving us the ability to use the physical machine at live events and the digital one during online and hybrid events.